It is lunch time and everyone in the office is asking that famous question,

"Where do we go for lunch today"?

Are you looking for a different place instead of the everyday go to place, let me recommend a place to you.  The Bakehouse and Cafe, located at 120 N. Poplar Street, Aberdeen, NC.  It is family owned and operated, hours are 8am to 3pm Tuesday - Saturday and Sunday 11am - 3pm.

My pick is the Barcelona Burger, with a side salad, the garlic sauce they serve with this is amazing.  While there, don't forget their sweet treats.  One of my favorites is the key lime pie, but they have Tiramisu, Chocolate Domes, puff pastries and many more, they also do custom cakes.  

So if you are wondering where to go for lunch, try out The Bakehouse and Cafe.